My teaching philosophy aims to provide the highest quality of teaching that is centered in the principals of the Suzuki Method, the 'use of self' explored by the Alexander Technique, and the intuitive creative art of music making.  The ultimate education of a young musician requires a balance and integration of the mental (self-talk, confidence, power of positive thought and manifestation), the physical (endurance, practical skill and technique, coordination) and the spiritual (intuition and inner voice, the healing power of sound, music as the highest form of self-expression).  As a professional violinist with over 22 years of performance experience, I have come to appreciate the value in maintaining a balance of the mental, physical, and spiritual elements in my own playing.  My approach to teaching is designed to foster this in students of all ages and all levels.  I believe as a teacher that it is my responsibility to set my students up for long-term success so that they will one day have the ability to pursue a career as a musician if they so choose.   I teach students as young as 3 years old and work with advanced students at the college level and beyond. 





Tami is currently accepting students at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music and in her private studio in Santa Monica, CA.  If you are interested in pursuing studies with Tami, please email info@tamiiskenderian.com.  For masterclass and workshop teaching, please also contact info@tamiiskenderian.com.



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